Besides OUAT, What’s the other TV Connection with Jennifer Morrison and Jorge Garcia?

We know Jennifer Morrison plays Emma on Once Upon a Time


We also know that Jorge Garcia plays Anton/Tiny on Once Upon a Time


The two even had some scenes together in Once Upon a Time, but what other TV show were they in together?

Leave your answer in the comments below

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How will Gold’s White Heart affect him in OUAT Season 5?

How will Gold’s White Heart affect him in OUAT Season 5?

Gold’s White Heart

We have seen many different hearts with many different colors, but it is always red.


The heart that the Apprentice put back into Gold’s body was white.

Pure white.

This is a type of heart we’ve never seen before.

How will Gold’s White Heart affect him in OUAT Season 5?

As the shade of red was swallowed up by the Darkness, so was his ability to love.

“In a manner of speaking, yes. I will lose any ability to love, and that goodness you once saw inside of me… well, that’ll be gone forever…” Mr. Gold – Sympathy for the De Vil

Will the White Heart be the “do over” or “second chance” that Rumpel needs to make things right?


This time it wasn’t a curse to turn back time, it was that cruel justice of a life of bad choices that took the last bit of goodness in which he could grasp love. It is gone.

It reminds me a bit of when Gold asked Charming for dating advice. A man with unlimited power, but not having the wherewithal to build a relationship based on honesty.

In Season 5, Gold seems to be sailing into uncharted waters – what will it mean for him to love without the pull of Darkness to impede him?



Will Belle teach him to love? To care? To be the man she knew he could always be?

Will Gold be emotionless? A shell of a man, empty – waiting to be filled up with either good or bad choices.

Will Gold be rewarded by good choices to become more alive and complete to live a new life?

I’m reminded by the theme in early OUAT Seasons that the inhabitants of Storybrooke were “alive” but asleep. Going through the motions of daily life, but unable to be in true love or change or help others, until Emma showed up.

Unfortunately, Emma can no longer help Gold. Can Regina?

Is it only Merlin that can restore true life to Mr. Gold? I think it may be Emma and Merlin working together. Unfortunately, Emma has to be set free from the bonds of Darkness first.


One of my hopes is that Gold’s new heart is devoid of allowing him to do anymore evil (Alot like Snow and Charming performed the spell for Emma, by the way). This is a nice thought, but that would not work in a dramatic TV show. Drama is based in struggle of good vs evil.

Thanks to Brad Pogras in the creation of this blog post.

That’s what I think, what do you think? Leave your comments below.

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Is Dark Swan the end of OUAT, or a new beginning?


Riding the waves of fan fervor on Social Media is a full time job. Some days it’s all smiles, rainbows and Unicorn stickers, other days its time to run inside, lock the door and hide, but as we wait through the hiatus until Season 5…

Is Dark Swan the end of OUAT, or a new beginning?


Before you put flowers on the OUAT grave, let’s look at what we think the writers are doing with the Dark Swan storyline.

1. Emma needs a new, massive story arc


We’ve seen many story arcs with Emma; Will she believe that she is the savior? Will she let herself be open to love – after Graham, then after Neal? Will she forgive Regina and allow her to go on her redemption path? Will she forgive her Mother for what she did by sending Emma’s darkness to Lily? Many more for sure, but we need something bigger – and this is it.

2. The poetic irony of the savior becoming The Dark One (to me) works

It has been done before in stories (Hobbit, etc), movies and comic books, but now we will see it in our beloved OUAT universe.

What will Emma (the hero, the savior always fighting for good and against evil) do with all the dark, evil power at her disposal? There is a theory going around the the Dark One power also influences the host, so will we see a battle within Emma herself between the good part and the new darkness?

Rumpel lusted for the Dark One’s power, but Emma took it as a sacrifice. How will this effect Season 5?


3. All the other Storybrooke baddies are goodies, now

Regina is redeemed, Rumpel is frozen in magical carbonite, Ursula got her voice back, Maleficent got her daughter back, Cruella has (moment of silence please) died and Zelena is locked up.

Even the Charmings had their dark secret revealed, confessed it, and did what they could to make it right, so they are good now.

No more baddies are left – except the savior – so she’s going bad.

Adam and Eddy really had no other choice.

Actually, they have been hinting at it. Her parents had some dark dealings, and Operation Mongoose Part 1 did give us a taste of the heros but Emma going Villain, so to me it was inevitable.

4. The ex-baddies can complete their redemption arc, if they want to

Regina taught Emma magic and I would imagine she will have some cautionary words to help Emma along the way.

I’ll bet that Gold (if he turns good and gets out of the magical carbonite) will give Emma some sage advice – from one ex Dark One to the new Dark One as she walks the dark path.

Henry and the Charmings will have some input, too.

Once thing to remember is that Emma knows everything about everyone else, so she will call B.S. if she get platitudes from anyone else.

It should be very interesting.

5. Love & Family did not rescue Rumpel from the dagger, what will it take for Emma?

We know from the show that ‘Love is Strength’ and the power of ‘True Love’, etc, but I don’t know if the love of Hook, family or friends will be enough to loose Emma from the grasp of the Darkness.

It didn’t for Rumpelstiltskin. We all have walked the road of him turning away from the best in life to choose power.

How will Merlin fit in to the equation of loosing Emma? What other dealings with our characters have with Merlin previously? What difficulties will that cause?

Is Dark Swan the end of Once Upon a Time?

Once_Upon_A_Time_S04E23_1080p_1579 (1)


I think it will be nice to dive deeper into the characters we already know and see a dark side of Emma that we never have as a way to give her more depth.


Will Lily be the key to freeing Emma? If someone knows about Emma’s darkness, it would be Lily, right?

That’s what I think, what do you think? Leave your comments below.

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What will Mr. Gold/Rumpel be like in Season 5 of OUAT?

I’m not sitting in the writing room with Adam and Eddy, but I’m pretty certain Gold will survive to return in OUAT Season 5.

But, the big question is

What will Mr. Gold/Rumpel be like in Season 5 of OUAT?

Will he be the same man choosing ill-gotten power over love?


Will he (finally) be the man that Belle has wished for to be her Happy Ending?


A Man without the Dagger

The dagger was his magical armor that would not only protect him from fears of going to the Ogre Wars, but also give him “power” to accomplish what he couldn’t in his daily life.

The dagger caused everyone to fear the man who lived in fear, but now his “armor” is gone.

It’s as if fate has turned back the clock to before he met Zoso, that fateful day – and now he is on the other side of the mirror looking into the eyes of what he once was.

What path will he choose?

We are all used to the Gold/Rumpel that is always two steps ahead of everyone, waiting with a trap, trick or loophole that let’s him escape being accountable, but now what?

The famous Rumpelstiltskin has used up his last trick, and now he is – ordinary – and will face life like the rest of us.

Will he connive his way back to get the dagger by orchestrating a “sacrifice” to loose Emma from the darkness he yearns for?

Will he finally realize that the cost and toll is too great to put on that cursed armor one more time and walk away, for good, into the arms of love.

A love that’s been patiently waiting for far too long.


Will he ‘let go of’ or continue to ‘live in’ the Past?

The pain of the past drove him to make wrong choices, because he could not face and overcome them.

Will he dispel the ghosts of the past and turn on the light in the darkness?

Will he find out that his physical challenges lead him to allow others to help him, instead of collecting power and magic to push people away?

What do I think?

I believe we will see a new Rumpel.

I believe we will see a man with a second chance.

I believe that we will see a man that will learn how to live a life in the open, instead of hiding behind magic and a dagger.

I believe he will learn how to live and love in Season 5.

Regina paved the path to redemption, now it’s Rumpel’s turn.

The big question is if the viewers are ready for a redeemed Rumpel?

What are your thoughts? What do you think?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below

Special thanks to Brad Pogras.


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5 Once Upon a Time Characters we MUST know more about

Once Upon a Time is a fabulous show, but who are the 5 Once Upon a Time Characters we MUST know more about?

Sebastian Stan as Jefferson The Mad Hatter in Once Upon A Time OUAT S01E17 3

5. Jefferson

We loved Jefferson’s magical hat and his insta portal to many magical lands, but we want more. What other adventures did he have? What about his backstory? Who were his parents? We need to know!

4. Gaston

We know that Rumpel is quite a jealous fellow and dispense quickly with another suitor for Belle, be we want more. Was the Gaston of OUAT like the Disney animated feature or as tortured as the rest of the characters?


3. Granny

Have crossbow, will protect Red. Sure, we know that, but we want to dive into Granny Lucas’ monologue, “But, I haven’t said how I know. Nearly threescore years ago, I was a child with six older brothers. Big as oak trees, all of them veterans of the Second Ogres War…” and learn more about her backstory.


2. Team Seven

We know about Dreamy’s backstory, but what about the rest of Team Seven? We see more of Grumpy, Doc, Sneezy, Happy and Sleepy in Storybrooke, but what about Fairy Tale Land adventures in flashbacks? Did any of the other dwarves fall in love? Heigh Ho, we’re in!


1. Blue Fairy

Blue knows quite about about a lot of things, but we really don’t know much about her? We’ve seen stories about other fairies and even a Fairy Godmother, but what is the backstory of Rheul Ghorm? Is Blue, Rheul Ghorm? Is she an average fairy pretending to be RG?

What other characters would you like to see added to our list?

Leave your comments below.


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