OUAT – Bailee Madison guest stars as a young Snow White!

As good as the Once Upon a Time show gets, it just gets better. The casting director (Veronica Collins) has made a brilliant move by casting the perfect, Bailee Madison as the young, Snow White.

Variety article link: here

Veronica, thank you again. Bailee, welcome to the cast of the best show on TV!

Bailee is on Twitter: @baileemadison

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4 Responses to OUAT – Bailee Madison guest stars as a young Snow White!

  1. obisgirl says:

    When I first saw your casting announcement on tumblr, I thought, what an adorable little girl!

  2. Raeann says:

    Brilliant casting! She’s a dead ringer for a young MM/Snow!

  3. Liz Stein says:

    Is that the girl that was trapped in the cell where Regina kidnapped her ? I could not tell it was really dark in the cell. Can I just say that you are like one of the cutest girls I have ever seen ? You are such a wonderful actress. If I am not mistaken I may have seen you in other shows too. I would love to be on Once Upon a Time. Congratulations. I look forward to see your amazing acting talents Bailee.

  4. Lacey says:

    she was completely brilliant!!! I’m not a huge fan of other things she’s been in simply because i didn’t like the storyline or topic or whatever it may have been, but i have always admired her acting. She was unbelievable in once upon a time!! She had similar facial movements and Oexpressions as Gennifer Goodwin that weren’t present in other things she’d been in. It’s clears he puts effort into her roles and has a bright future as a young actress.

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