JMo Rocks the Plaid

JMo leaving Vancouver

She may play the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming in the hit show, Once Upon A Time, but Jennifer Morrison looked more like Little Red Riding Hood on Wednesday.

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OUAT Spoof needs our help

In case you haven’t heard about the “Once Upon a Anonymous” video spoofs (IMDB Page: Main website:, let me tell you a bit about them;
The brain child of Erin Stegeman (Her IMDB Page link | Erin’s website), she writes, produces, etc and portays a spot-on Emma, to boot).
This OUAT Spoof’s premise involves a group counseling session that we find “Not every fairy tale character gets a happy ending in Storybrooke. In this Once Upon a Time spoof, you’ll follow some of your favorite outcast characters as they struggle to find serenity with their post-curse identities.” In OUAA you will bump into; Emma (or course), Ariel, Hercules, Tinkerbell, Cogsworth, Aladdin, Cruella Deville, and Edward Scissorhands (Yep, you read that right). It’s a wild parody and the best way to explain it is to watch it. Here are the episodes.

Here is Season 1 episode 1:

Season 1 episode 2:

Season 1 episode 3:

Season 1 episode 4:

The latest news is that Erin has been writing and working with a composer on a Rock Opera for Once Upon A…Anonymous. She needs our help to make the next greatest OUAA Rock Opera episode ever. Check out this video that explains it all!

Link to the IndieGoGo page:

5 Secrets about Once Upon a Time’s Ginnifer Goodwin (You probably didn’t know)

Ginnifer Michelle Goodwin was born on 22nd May 1978, in Memphis, Tennessee, to Linda (Kantor) and Tim Goodwin. Bright and talented, Ginnifer carried her love for theater and… Read more here

1. What is Ginnifer Goodwin’s least favorite ride at Disneyland?

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Once Upon a Time Pet Shelter Filming Location little known facts and Secrets

Take a look at the picture of the shop next to Granny’s Diner in Storybrooke. It was originally called “Worthington’s Haberdashery (Suits Hats Ties),” but only for a brief time.


This location suddenly changed to the Pet Shelter for the David and Mary Margaret storyline in Season 1.


Storybrooke Pet Shelter Interior 2rev

When the shop space wasn’t used for filming it was used by the cast and crew to stay warm during the cold winters of Vancouver, B.C. It also was used for temporary storage. For example, when we visited Steveston in 2012, I saw the Game of Thorns door from “The Crocodile” inside the Pet Shelter location on the floor.

game of thorns door

Our bluebirds in Steveston have chirped that the Pet Shelter location did revert back to it’s original “Worthington’s Haberdashery (Suits Hats Ties)” signage and window late in Season 2.

When we return to Storybrooke later on in Season 3, keep an eye out for what that location stays or becomes.